Entrepreneurial Communities

with a state

"Private" cities: A radical idea... enjoyed by 30 million Americans
by J. Brian Phillips
"Deed restrictions are a form of private 'zoning,' in which developers establish certain rules to prevent undesirable buildings and land use. ... unlike zoning, deed restrictions are governed by market considerations."

Privatopia: Homeowner Associations and the Rise of Residential Private Government by Evan McKenzie
Reviewed by Fred Foldvary
"Privatopia provides a critical description and history of homeowner associations, including some of the important court cases regarding the enforcement of covenants. Whereas classical liberals would view private homeowner associations as a reflection of the principle of free association, the author, a political scientist and attorney, contends that such private organizations violate the ideals of choice and democracy."

The Quickening of Social Evolution: Perspectives on Proprietary (Entrepreneurial) Communities
by Spencer Heath MacCallum
"Must community life continue to be hampered by the vagaries of politics? The rapid rise of the shopping mall suggests that customer-oriented proprietary communities run for profit may soon proliferate, and inaugurate a great leap in societal progress, just as a few forgotten visionaries had predicted."

without a state

The Art of Community by Spencer Heath MacCallum
reviewed by Sean Haugh
"Quite simply, this is the original manifesto of proprietary community as the basis for a free nation."

Citadel, Market and Altar by Spencer Heath
reviewed by Roy Halliday
This book argues for replacing the state with a proprietary Citadel run by landlords.

A Model Lease for Orbis
by Spencer Heath MacCallum
A lease for a proprietary community or nation, which provides mechanisms for resolving all social issues on a voluntary basis.

A "Nation" Is Born
by Richard O. Hammer
A fictional account of the creation of a proprietary, free nation.

Notes on Foreign Relations: Concerns in a Hypothetical Entrepreneurial (Landlease) Community
by Michael van Notten and Spencer Heath MacCallum
Foreign policy considerations for a mixed use, multiple tenant income property operated as a long-term, managed investment.

Politics Versus Proprietorship
by Spencer Heath MacCallum
Remarks prefatory to discussion of the Orbis Constitution for proprietary communities.

A Scenario for Founding a Free Nation on an Imaginary Island in the Caribbean Sea
by Spencer Heath MacCallum
A proposal that existing landholders pool their land and create a free port for profit.

A Single-Owner Proprietary Nation: Advantages, Problems, and Solutions
by Roy Halliday
A single-owner proprietary community could be designed to be a free nation.

“Who Will Guard the Guardians?”
Restraining Sovereign Power Using Entrepreneurial Communities

January 25, 2012
by Z. Caceres
"Imagine a world in which people are opting into a wide variety of different institutional structures. People personally contract into competitive legal systems and different mixtures of ‘public goods’ and social programs provided by sovereign, small jurisdictions or private developers.
This is a world of entrepreneurial communities and competitive governance. In the act of contracting and immigrating, we find people revealing their preferences for a rule set and, by extension, a pre-defined scope for government activity."

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