Book Reviews

Here are links to book reviews that I have written over the years. The reviews are listed in alphabetic order by book title.

Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B. F. Skinner
My scathing critique of his behaviorist ideology.

Citadel, Market and Altar by Spencer Heath
This book argues for replacing the state with a proprietary Citadel run by landlords.

Ecotage edited by Sam Love and David Obst
A book that advocates sabotaging industry to protect the environment.

The Greening of America by Charles Reich

Is Objectivism a Religion? by Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis argues that the Ayn Rand cult is a religion, and he has a point.

The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman
This is a defense of anarcho-capitalism based on utilitarianism.

Short Answers to the Tough Questions by Mary J. Ruwart
Dr. Ruwart has a talent for presenting libertarian solutions as not only logical, clear, and principled, but also as practical and humane.

The Structure of Liberty by Randy Barnett
This is a scholarly, often difficult, yet bold and often brilliant, treatise on law that will repay the efforts of a patient reader.

To Serve and Protect by Bruce L. Benson
Free-market alternatives to the government police and courts already exist in the USA.

Vigilantes of Montana by Thomas J. Dimsdale
The government legal system was so corrupt and inefficient in Montana from 1863 to 1865 that the noncriminal element of society formed vigilance committees to restore peace, safety, and prosperity.

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