The Private Option
Free-Market Alternatives to the State

"The market in the broadest sense of the term is the process that encompasses all voluntary and spontaneous actions of men. It is the realm of human initiative and freedom and the soil upon which all human achievements thrive." - Ludwig von Mises

The topics in the outline below take you to pages that contain brief descriptions of and links to relevant articles or sites available on the Internet. Most of the articles describe how civil society (the free market and other voluntary associations and institutions such as families, communities, religious and fraternal organizations, and charities) has provided, or could theoretically provide, services that are often associated with the state. These articles support the idea that a voluntary society, a free nation, would be viable. Most of the remaining topics and articles and sites deal with controvercial issues such as abortion, animal rights, intellectual property, punishment, and limited government versus anarchism, where people reach different conclusions about the legitimate use of force. These topics are important in defining what is and what is not a voluntary activity. The articles and sites are listed alphabetically by title within the topics and subtopics.


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