1 By "middle-class people" and "low-class people," I mean the people whose values will tend, over time, to sort them into the middle income or low income group, regardless of their starting positions. Middle-class people set long-term goals and work to achieve them. They save and invest in their future. Low-class people have what economists call "high time preference." When they get money, they spend it and have a good time.

2 A less expensive and quicker solution to the war on drugs would be for the ruling state to covertly put poison in a significant percentage of the supply of illegal drugs. Many drug users would die, and most of the others would be afraid to continue using the illegal drugs. Some proponents of the war on drugs might object to this policy because it involves murder. But these people are hypocrites. They don't object to kidnapping and imprisoning drug users and forcing taxpayers to support them, so why should they object to a more practical approach just because it entails murder? The drug-law addicts have already shown that they don't mind violating the rights of drug users. So why don't they have the courage to go all the way and get the job done?

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